Run Shell Script And Introduction

Run Shell Script Introduction

Run Shell Script The shell script is the computer language program running the UNIX-LINUX-based (CLI) command line interface.
This is a powerful tool that automates the task whether administrator or developer. learn shell script automate the task save your time. And efforts by automation of respective tasks.

Run Shell Script What is a shell script?

The shell script is a plain text file-based programming language. List the command to execute the command in the series. We can increase the efficiency and save the time.
We can create a text editor like vi, vim, nano, or gedit we can Create the file ‘.sh’ extension.

Types Bash shell

Types of shells Description

Bourne Shell

  • The original UNIX system developed by Stephen Bourne
  • Default shell on UNIX system.
  • It is also known as ‘sh’
Bash shell
  • Bash, short for “Bourne Again Shell,” is a developed by Brian Fox
  • The combination of sh ‘csh’ and ‘ksh’ capabilities
  • This shell can recall the previous command and edit them
C shell
  • This C Shell ‘csh’ was developed by Bill Joy
  • This shell uses a similar syntax as the C programming language
Korn shell
  • This is a ‘Korn’ shell or ‘ksh’ This was developed by David Korn
  • This is a combined future of Shell and Bourne shell

Z shell

  • It is highly customized and user-friendly
  • It is popular for themes plugins and advanced scripts.

Pros and Cons of Shell Scripting

Understanding the Linux Kernel 2024
Understanding the Linux Kernel 2024
Pros Cons
  • Automates repetitive tasks.
  • Simplifies complex commands.
  • Utilize resources effectively.
  • Can be used on different UNIX-based systems with minimal changes.
  • Allows for quick development and testing of prototypes.
  • Not good for heavy computation; slower than other programming languages.
  • Security risk; needs careful management to avoid vulnerabilities.
  • Limited functionality compared to other programming languages.


Run Shell Script Create a Shell Script 

Create a Shell Script 

Give the execution permissions

chmod +x

Run the shell script



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